Training Providers

Section 122 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires states to establish a list of training providers who are eligible to receive WIOA funds for training services provided to adults and dislocated workers. WIOA section 134 indicates that training services must be directly linked to an in-demand industry sector or occupation in the local area or region. However, the local board may approve training services for occupations determined by the local board to be in sectors of the economy that have a high potential for sustained demand or growth in the local area. As such, the Orange County Development Board (OCDB), in response to the needs of job seekers and employers, approved a more stringent set of training requirements. The Orange County Development Board has established the Approved Training Partner Directory (ATPD) based on the Demand Occupation Criteria (17-OCDB-14 and subsequent updates).


  • Click the following link for the latest OCDB ATPD/ETPL Policy: 17-OCDB-14. 




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